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You might think we sell oil, seals and expertise but in fact, that's just what you see on your receipt. What you pay for is new found confidence in your line choice, we sell the "new bike day" feeling after each basic service and the peace of mind that your products are working like they were intended to. You don't have to worry when flying down a loamer at Mach 5. Don’t half send it, go full send.
We’ve got your back. (And front. Because you know, suspensions… right.)

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Complexity should never interfere with the simple need of having fun.

Our Mission.

DOS is obsessed with curiosity, expertise and the power of knowledge sharing. These brought us a lot of business, helped a lot of people and proved that mountain bikers are craving for more. We’re on a mission to make used bikes feel like new, and new(ish) bikes feel like they should.
So everyone, regardless of their riding experience, can sense the full potential of a safe, well functioning suspension, tuned by themselves for their individual needs and expectations. We believe mountain bikes can bring too many good things only to be limited by a dysfunctional, poorly set suspension product or a misguided user. We won’t settle for that. That’s why we say “complexity should never interfere with the simple need of having fun”.

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Questions or comments welcomed. We’re here to grow with you. Tell us what you need.

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